M3M India is a big real estate company that started in 2010. It’s growing really fast and is becoming one of the best in the country. The main person behind it is Basant Bansal, along with his partners Roop Bansal and Pankaj Bansal. They believe in doing things right, being honest, and working hard.

They’ve done a lot of projects, especially in Gurugram, where they’ve built about 50 places to live and work. They finished all the projects they started before 2019 on time. Right now, they’re busy building more, and they promise to finish them on time too. In total, they have about 30 million square feet of space that people can buy.

People really like the homes M3M builds. They’re famous for making fancy places like M3M Golfestate and Trump Towers. These places are super nice and have won awards for being so great.

M3M is also working on something cool called “M3M Smart City Delhi Airport.” It’s going to have fancy homes and a really long shopping and office area along a road called Dwarka Expressway.

M3M owns a lot of land, about 3,000 acres. They believe in being honest, doing things right, and making sure projects are finished on time. They like to do everything themselves, from buying land to selling homes. This way, they can control everything and make sure it’s done well.

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